20 October, 2014

ISIS ban bidets in Aleppo داعش يمنع استعمال ال"بيديه" في حلب

If this decree published in Aleppo, Syria by the ISIS caliphate office is their idea of cleanliness then they really want to go back to the Middle Ages!
The decree states that bidets must be destroyed and anyone found to have a bidet in their house will be punished. They want people to use water, sand and granite stones to clean themselves following defecation just as their forefathers did. They should think again as anyone downwind of them will smell them coming and there is an excellent chance of them succumbing to diarrhea or better still dysentery. Some would say an appropriate death would then be theirs!

On the other hand if ISIS want to return to ‘the good old days’ then we await their decree that stops the use of radio, tv, telephones and the internet not to mention cars, machine guns, and tanks. Is it the camel brigade next boys?

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