26 January, 2016

If the KRG, has a friend like Turkey it does not need enemies

 Some of the Kurds in Iraq are telling me that the Turks are Friendly to the Iraqi Kurds  and over the years  and to be precicely sinces 1992 they stood with us how mistaken they, are  Turkey friendship to the Iraqi Kurds are all because they are the biggest milking cow in the region turkey is taking advategeand it help with improving the illing export market of Turkey. A visit to a any small corner shop, grouser ,Supermarket and Malls all over Kurdistan reveal  what sort of outlet we are for Turkey and its products. A trade with this neghbour is one way we import and never exports. As a matter of fact the policy of nieghbouring countries ( Turkey and Iran) by flooding Kurdistan markets with cheep foods and goods killed all potentiality of local production in KRG. Apart the KRG planning was also runned by meduker planner and the interest of the nation was second to interest of some and their families.

 According to Washington Post that up to 15,000 foreign fighters join ISIS from 80 countries almost half of them are from North African Arabs. The question how this large number of hairy Muslim fundumilist with their distinctive appearance some accompanied with their families managed to inter Syria first then Iraq.  They could not passed through Jordan, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia as they hostil countries to ISIS . They could not pass through any ports in Iraq. The only routs left are either Midtrenian sea which well guraded by the Russian and Syrian Navy. That leaves us with one entry rout the NATO member Turkey. Turkey is ruled by Muslim Brotherhood Party which is the forerunner of all the jihadist terrorist Islamic group , so we should not be surprised  by the support ISIS get from their mentor the Turkish government and the Turkish Muslim Brother hood.

 If Iraqi Kurdistan, and indeed all the kurds, has a friend like Turkey it does not need enemies

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